Friday, August 9, 2013

The Life and its randomness

So my sis lopa sent me link to a fellow blogger who used to read my posts and that made me go back to my blog and re-read things i had written and it reminded me of my love for writing... It's hard to get the time to sit down and write a proper post these days but I think I can may be write down some short posts. Ever since I started my residency two months back, I have been having so many awesome experiences that I feel it would be nice to write down some of them. My post would probably not be well scripted, wouldn't have good pictures but i ll try and note down things I experiences just so that one day I can read these posts and remember these days.

So, so much happened in my life since lat time I blogged. In summery, I somehow managed to pass out of medical school, spent a lot of time traveling for educational purposes mostly, matched into residency in Philadelphia and somehow managed to (okay may be not by choice) stay single.

Yes, I love my Job, I like philadelphia, some say its kiladelphia but i don't really think it's that bad. Somehow since I started residency, there have been so many funny and heart wrenching experiences, and I love every bit of it. Hospital is an interesting place when you look at how people react to different situations. There was a old lady who the moment she woke up from unconsciousness started flirting with me, and then there was a guy who practically fought with me regarding why did we went ahead with a life saving procedure for his dad without his permission. Hospital also provides you the opportunity to witness some the greatest untold love stories- be it a guy who was married to his wife, a patient of acromegaly (which would definitely break down a relationship based on physical attraction),since 60 years and refused to leave her side and at the same time honoring her wishes of no invasive procedures and letting her go peacefully; or a son who was right beside his mom trying to talk to her and keep her comfortable 24*7 when her mom had no idea of what was going on and was just too afraid of being in hospital; or a 94 year old women silently sitting there holding her husband's hand as he traveled to a better place.

Personally, my life has become quite eventful as well. One day I offered to bring tea for my resident whom I really liked as I was going to cafeteria; for the reasons still unknown to me I got him a cup of coffee with a tea bag in it and people still pull my leg for inventing 'Cotea'.
Have you guys seen this video - how UPS deliveries actually work .
The same thing was going on with me and fedex. They would just leave the notes and I would never catch them. So one day they buzzed my home and then when I answered nobody replied but I saw fedex truck out my window and I immediately ran after it and caught him on the road and asked him to deliver packages, I got calls from two of my colleagues living in the same apartment asking if everything was okay, but it was worth it.

I know this is very disorganized and people would probably not enjoy reading it and I apologize for it but as I said, this post serves the purpose of diary more then the blog.

So this was about me, those who read this till the end- I would love to know how have you been?

Monday, August 10, 2009


Hi guys, i know u people have been eagerly waiting for me to post something [ ;D] but i have been a bit busy with my preparations for exams.... so for now i am posting some more of my sketches.............

Friday, July 24, 2009


Hi guys, i know that i am the greatest, smartest and ya may be the weirdest personality you could ever meet ( ;p ) but guys today i want to share a very normal human side of me ( oh yeah, it does exist, you wont believe i know but it does!! )

Every now and then terrorist attacks keep happening here and there and sometimes we don't even notice them, i do the same.... may be have a look at a news channel for a minute or two and then will shout at dad "dad please let me watch my cartoons!!' (yeah i like cartoons, in fact i love them, any problem!! :) )

But just a year back, one incident shattered me completely.(yeah me, imagine even me!!) yes guys I'm talking about the serial bomb blast that took place on 26th July,2008.

it was a normal evening, i was reading in my room as exams were nearby and then at around six went to canteen to have some snacks and there i heard the news on TV that serial bomb blasts had started in a'bad, already 5 had taken place, it was in a'bad so i paid some attention to it, around 5 to 10 person were dead by then and people were laughing "oh these dumb asses don't even know where to plan bombs to kill more people", other one said, " thank god we are in civil campus, nothing can happen here, this is the safest place in a'bad"... i chat with friends on the topic and looked at trauma center as ambulances had already started to come....... then i remembered that this thing is not gonna stop my exams... should get back to reading....

At around 7 p.m. relatives started calling me asking usual questions, " you are alright n?" 'don't go out' and blah blah blah........ i kept telling them that don't worry nobody attacks a hospital so i m safe here....

At 7:30 p.m i answered my dad's call the same way.... don't worry n etc etc.... and as i disconnected that call and was thinking about what should i do for dinner..... there was suddenly.... BOOMMM......... it was such a loud voice i tell you, and it almost felt like an earthquake in my hostel.. i was completely blank (yeah, me and blank, imagine!), then i thought, i should at least get out of room and go downstairs.... as i came out, i saw everybody running.....i couldn't resist my laugh even in that situation when i saw my one senior running and crying like a small baby ' mummy........mummy........' but it was only when i went down, i saw the severity of the blast...... it had occurred just beside my hostel! (later i saw that rooms on that side of hostel were in really bad shape, luckily nobody was in those rooms at that time). there was just blood and blood in front of my hostel, as i approached main gate of my hostel, there was that poor guy in really bad situation... he was bleeding from whole body, his shirt had caught fire and he was pleading to everybody 'please help me!!' (nobody could have saved him from the amount of burns he had got) it still disturbes me whenever i remember those eyes.... i was wondering what to do... i looked at trauma center and oh my god it was all fire and fire....(my hostel and trauma center are just side by side),i was wondering where to take that poor man and my friend came from behind and took me to the open ground in front of our hostel where everybody were gathering. i was still recollecting my thoughts and thinking to go to trauma center to help in this emergency and then suddenly there was...BOOMMM...... another blast!!! as i looked around i found a leg on that ground...... scene in front of trauma center was unimaginable, it was all dead bodies and blood and blood and blood......... and there i received a sms " dear, don't go out of civil campus!! if you are gone who i would flirt with??" oh bloody hell!!! it is in the campus!! apparently news hadn't spread out.... all mobile networks were blocked, just msgs were coming....... later as we got network back and i told everybody i was fine but i was really shattered.....
how can a human kill another human??!!! i just cant digest it........

we never understand some situations until we become a part of it...... that was a bloody hell of an experience......

with time most of amdavadis have forgotten it but i don't think anybody can console those people who's relatives died there, they were innocent, some of them had come to donate blood, some of them were working in hospital, and there were some doctors....... what point did terrorists prove by killing those innocent people???!!

At that point of my life , i felt how unexpected life can turn out to be.... on a normal day i would be returning from college library at that time ( don't know why, but i had decided to study at hostel that day!), or i could have been a victim of second bomb blast if i had arrived to a decision faster and went to the trauma center.............

At that stage of my life, i decided i m gonna enjoy every day of my life while pursuing for my goals and not just wait for the right time to come..... i don't know whether i m following it completely or not but these memories reminded me this again.......... let s see how life goes..... and when it stops!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I have observed that non-medicos (ya those not studying medicine, got it right my dear friend) always find a medico's life very fascinating.... whenever I talk to my non-medico friends about our life, they find it very interesting!! My mom is particularly very big fan of my medico stories. So I thought why not share some of them here....

Firstly I would I like to state a very famous sentence among medicos- "medical field is like a public toilet, people standing out are eager to get in, and people in are dying to finish and come out!!" ;p

OK, let's start from an entrance exam. My friend was sitting in the examination hall, Examiner came to take his thumb impression, (yeah Indian examination system) and can you imagine what he did?? He said “sir, but I know how to sign!!!" Imagine the scene! Examiner had no words, he just kept staring at him for about a minute and all the students who heard that also turned and started looking at him like he was an alien!

In my first year of medical life my friend was made to narrate story of movie 'tere naam' in English!! ( 'Tere Naam' is a hit bollywood movie) yes guys, this is how weird our vivas can be!!

Many of my friends find it difficult to believe that we use original human bones for study, but yes guys we do! In fact there is a funny incident associated with this... once when I was in 1st year, I was reading till late night with bones as I had exam the next day and then slept with bones scattered all around me! Now in the morning our kamwala came and he was frightened to see this scene, I was feeling like his eyes will fall out any time! He asked me that whether those all were artificial? And seeing his expressions, I had to tell him that yes, these are artificial!!!

But guys this is how our life is, we sleep with bones. We even keep all the human viscera in our hostel during 1st year. We keep brain, lung, heart, kidney, liver, spleen, bladder and ovary and testes too!!! That is how being a medico is!!!

Beginning from the second year of medical life we have to go to clinics to see patients and observe how they are treated, we have to take their history (means everything related to their disease and life style), and many humorous incidents happen there almost daily...

On one of such incident, we were posted in surgery department that time. We were examining a patient of varicocele (means dilated veins in scrotum), patient was reluctant to let us examine but he had to permit us as our senior doctor told him to. Now, as one of my female colleagues was examining his scrotum, he got erection!!! Imagine the scene there! Now it may seem funny to me and may be to you while reading about this, but guys think about the patient!! It wasn't his fault after all; it is an involuntary action yar!!!

On one other such incident, we were posted in gynaecology dept. At the end of posting period we are supposed 2 give viva exams. One of my friends went for his viva without reading a single word! (No surprise, well most of us do it the same way!) Sir asked him many questions and he couldn't answer a single one. Finally sir gave him MALA D (the contraceptive pill) & asked him to describe it. His first and last sentence was 'This medicine is used in female'!!! Ohh boy, you got to see sir's facial expressions. He replied furiously,''Get out, what do you mean by "used in female", have you heard of any male taking contraceptive pills. Do you have any male patient in a gynaecology unit ?!?@$?!!''

During one such other viva of ENT (ear, nose & throat) my friend was asked to define PHARYNX.
He knew it, but just didn't know how to put it in words to describe it...He kept staring at madam's face for a while and then replied, "Mam, pharynx n larynx ...”
M’am: "ya, what’s it?"
He: "they are used 2 speak"
M'am: "Don't dogs speak?!!"
Now my friend just kept think and thinking, dogs can bark yaar but about speaking..........., finally he was thrown out of viva. :)

You know there are humorous incident happening almost daily in our hospital wards.... in second year obviously we don't have that much of clinical knowledge at that stage, so sometimes we find patients having more knowledge than us.... Like this time, one of my friends was taking history of a patient of gall stone. He asked "What problem do you have?"
Patient: "I have a pathri (Gujarati of a stone)".
My friend: " so, now you are gonna get your kidney removed??!!!!”
The patient was mad at him, he said to one other student standing with him "Get him out of here, where has he come from? I have a stone in my gall bladder then why would I get my kidney removed??"

Patients are like this, they sometimes teach us, sometimes humiliate us but after all patients are patients!! Some of them are really cunning, in our earlier medical years sometimes we have to bribe our patients while giving final year exams 'coz if we don't do that then they will speak some other symptoms in front of examiner and we are screwed for sure!! But then with years passes we learn more ( we have to, as we know doctors are supposed to know things and not experiment on patients ) as we know we are in a profession where if we make mistakes some times we don't get a second chance ( So does patient !)

OK, guys I think this is enough for now; I can keep on writing pages and pages on this topic..... I may share some more some other time, I hope you enjoyed!!!


Oh.... finally i got some appreciations for my paintings.... may be my painting skill is improving or is it that u people were just being nice??!! ( anyhow, it s your fault, I'm not gonna stop publishing my paintings now :D )

You know, i have never been quite appreciated for my painting skills ( oh wait, i have never been appreciated for any of my skills....:( hey don't say that i wouldn't be having any skills... i DO HAVE many skills... like.. like.... it s just not coming in my mind right now, but i do have, remember it, I DO HAVE!! )

Only reason(i hope it s the only reason!) my paintings are not that much appreciated in my family is that my elder sis lopa is such a wonderful painter( now DO NOT go and check out her paintings at
(I'm such a wonderful promoter of your blog lops, ain't i? ;p)

OK, so here s one of my paintings, i gifted it to my two best friends!! ( don't say it a cheap alternative to gift!! it may have been sold in lakhs and crores if only i had put it for sell, you never know!!! ;p)

guess who is this?? OK stop, don't guess, she is aishwarya!! now see aishwarya in the sketch rather then seeing the sketch and trying to figure out who she is ;p
i sketched it 3 years back...

This one of my favourites, not artistically, but just coz i love cartoons!

What do you learn from this painting? - don't wear to much make up when you are gonna cry!

Oh, i dont know why i sketched this one, really!

Friday, July 17, 2009


I'm not a writer but i do write, i'm not a poet but i do poetry ( n my freinds beat me whenever i make them listen to that), i'm not a painter but i do paint sometimes...... (by d way i'm a medical student but i dont read!!! :) )

so i'm not that good a painter but i do paint sometime..... n i would share them here no matter how many objections you may have!!! :)

here's one of them.....


OK, so finally i m starting with my blog!! blogs, blogs, blogs... i have been hearing a lot about it so thought 'why shouldnt i try my hands at it?' my friends encouraged me to do that, they said u have so many things to share with people, so you should do blogging!! (I think it was just a good way of saying, 'we have been bearing enough with your weird ideas n talking! now go and give it to other people too, why only we should suffer!! n may be we would have some relief here! i understand evrthing guys :p)

I dont know how this would go and what would i write.... only time will tell. Beginning is looking bright but than there's always beginner's luck, in which i firmly believe( the alchemist!!)

To give my intro, i'm just a normal guy..(ok, ok!!a medical student cant be a normal guy-they r all bookworms, i cant deny that completely...) but then i cant say myself a normal medical student too coz my medico freinds would kill me for saying myself that!! so........ i dont know how to describe me!!!

I hope you ll get to know me somewhat as i keep on writting about my life in this blog..........