Friday, August 9, 2013

The Life and its randomness

So my sis lopa sent me link to a fellow blogger who used to read my posts and that made me go back to my blog and re-read things i had written and it reminded me of my love for writing... It's hard to get the time to sit down and write a proper post these days but I think I can may be write down some short posts. Ever since I started my residency two months back, I have been having so many awesome experiences that I feel it would be nice to write down some of them. My post would probably not be well scripted, wouldn't have good pictures but i ll try and note down things I experiences just so that one day I can read these posts and remember these days.

So, so much happened in my life since lat time I blogged. In summery, I somehow managed to pass out of medical school, spent a lot of time traveling for educational purposes mostly, matched into residency in Philadelphia and somehow managed to (okay may be not by choice) stay single.

Yes, I love my Job, I like philadelphia, some say its kiladelphia but i don't really think it's that bad. Somehow since I started residency, there have been so many funny and heart wrenching experiences, and I love every bit of it. Hospital is an interesting place when you look at how people react to different situations. There was a old lady who the moment she woke up from unconsciousness started flirting with me, and then there was a guy who practically fought with me regarding why did we went ahead with a life saving procedure for his dad without his permission. Hospital also provides you the opportunity to witness some the greatest untold love stories- be it a guy who was married to his wife, a patient of acromegaly (which would definitely break down a relationship based on physical attraction),since 60 years and refused to leave her side and at the same time honoring her wishes of no invasive procedures and letting her go peacefully; or a son who was right beside his mom trying to talk to her and keep her comfortable 24*7 when her mom had no idea of what was going on and was just too afraid of being in hospital; or a 94 year old women silently sitting there holding her husband's hand as he traveled to a better place.

Personally, my life has become quite eventful as well. One day I offered to bring tea for my resident whom I really liked as I was going to cafeteria; for the reasons still unknown to me I got him a cup of coffee with a tea bag in it and people still pull my leg for inventing 'Cotea'.
Have you guys seen this video - how UPS deliveries actually work .
The same thing was going on with me and fedex. They would just leave the notes and I would never catch them. So one day they buzzed my home and then when I answered nobody replied but I saw fedex truck out my window and I immediately ran after it and caught him on the road and asked him to deliver packages, I got calls from two of my colleagues living in the same apartment asking if everything was okay, but it was worth it.

I know this is very disorganized and people would probably not enjoy reading it and I apologize for it but as I said, this post serves the purpose of diary more then the blog.

So this was about me, those who read this till the end- I would love to know how have you been?


  1. I did read till the end and you do know how have I been ;)

    So what was you were running for when you ran after FedEx ;)

    The other day I was going to tell you thatay be you should start writing back, not long post but some day to day experiences.... Small n sweet and which affected to some or other way. I am happy you thought the same.

  2. Hey Vivek,

    Your life has progressed a lot. You are added on FB, so I know why you have been busy. Haha.
    I am in Michigan, completed my studies, hanging in here for now. It's difficult to sit down and write, though most of the time I'm just sitting doing nothing. But going back and reading all the small big things about life is so good. So keep writing, tiny posts hi sahi..

    I watch Emily Owens MD here on a local channel, its about Doctors and its so interesting. Its over for the season sadly... I'm sure you have a lot of challenges too, Good luck with them and ..Keep posting.

  3. Hi Vivek! Nice to see a post finally. And if the summary was like this, I wonder how would the actual description of events be. Granted it wasn't that organised but believe me, I was stuck to the screen till the very end! And coffee with tea bag in it? Were you so much engrossed with thoughts about him? LOL :D
    And an old lady was flirting with you, eh? I hope you didn't break her heart! :D
    All jokes aside, it's good to finally hear from you..(after such a long dormant phase!) Your writings are always so refreshing! :)